Welcome to the EAZWV Constitution discussion forum

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Welcome to the EAZWV Constitution discussion forum

Post by Admin on Mon Feb 16, 2015 9:01 pm

This forum has been set up to allow discussion among members on the EAZWV Constitution proposal to be voted on at the EAZWV General Assembly to be held at Barcelona on 16 May 2015. To facilitate discussion, the forum is split into several sections, one per each Chapter and Annex of the proposed Constitution, plus a General Q&A section. You will find the full current & proposed versions of the constitution in the first thread of the General Q&A section.

The board will strive to provide agile replies & explanations on the questions raised by the members. While we will do our best to post these in a timely manner, but please allow up to 10 days for us to post comprehensive replies. We expect to close the forum activity on 10th April 2015.
You can easily keep track of recent activity in the forum on the front page, and of the posts since your last visit to the forum at http://eazwv.foruns.com.pt/search?search_id=newposts.

Please login to access the forum and post your questions and comments. If you have not done so, you have to register first. For that, please visit http://eazwv.foruns.com.pt/register
Please note:
·       Register with your real name! No pseudonyms, please.
·       Use the email address you have provided as contact address for EAZWV.
After you register you will receive a confirmation email. Follow instructions on the email to complete our registration and access the forum. In some cases, after completing the registration process, you may need to first log out and then log back into the forum in order to have access full access.

A great community like ours doesn't need a civility code! (but please do observe general online forum rules).
To post a new question please create a New Topic on the respective section with the subject as clear and self-explanatory as possible.
Please be aware we might at times moderate messages, or threads. If you have any doubts please contact the administrators directly at webmaster@eazwv.org


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